December 10th 2012
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Christmas Radiant Live The Holy Soul
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A Very Radiant Christmas is happening this week! We’ve been hard at work on it for some time now, and we can’t WAIT to bring it to you!

Here’s the full info:

Radiant & The Holy Soul Present:

A Christmas celebration featuring The Holy Soul and an all-star cast!

Deck the halls! Radiant is bringing A Very Radiant Christmas, its yearly festive special, to the stage for the first ever time this December 15.

Like the radio specials of the past two years, a bumper lineup of our favourite Sydney singers will be performing festive classics. And for our first live edition, they’ll be backed on stage by Sydney rock and roll legends The Holy Soul along with friends and guests for a huge festive party!

Joining The Holy Soul for A Very Radiant Christmas are:

- Sarah Kelly (Good Heavens/theredsunband)
- Melodie Nelson
- Marcus Whale (Collarbones/Scissor Lock/Black Vanilla)
- Glenn Thompson (Adele & Glenn/Beachfield/Custard/The Go-Betweens) & Wintah Thompson (Little Lovers)
- Loene Carmen & Peter Head
- Matt Banham (No Through Road/Disgusting People)
- Daniele Marando (The Maladies)
- Joseph Leonard (MachineMachine)
- Womens Auxiliary Choir

And opening the bill, Sydney dreamboats Black Vanilla.

Tickets for this one-off show are just $12 on the door, and in the festive spirit, all proceeds will go to FBi Radio.

Advance ticket sales here - avoid disappointment!
October 8th 2012
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Japan’s splendid TENNISCOATS visit Sydney for one show only this Thursday night at the Square!

Radiant is stoked to co-present this one with Chapter Music. Supports come from Seaworthy and King Tears Mortuary! 

September 27th 2012
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Dick Diver Radiant Live
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I’m so excited about this show! Come along! Tell everyone!

It’s Dick Diver’s first Sydney show of 2012 and probably their only one. Along for the ride are three of my fave Sydney bands - Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Beef Jerk and a brand new group Yard Duty - ft. members of Halal, How Are You?

Sat 13 October at FBi Social, with tix just $12 on the door. 

Facebook event here.

panmag September 22nd 2012
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On Being Radiant

panmag asked me why I do Radiant:

by Adam Lewis

I’m not sure how I found myself walking up the battered old stairs to China Heights. It was the other side of a nondescript doorway in an empty alley not far from Central, one that I’d circled nervously for sometime before entering, still not quite sure what to expect or whether I was even meant to be there. I’d read about it online, and talked a couple of friends –  also online – into coming. Because hey, when you’re a suburban teen at a rugby school, that’s about all you’ve got. Most kids don’t even get that.
Shows to me were well-ordered arena extravaganzas; large-scale exercises in audience adulation. To have a singer charge at you as she flung into the audience was jarring; that it happened against a loud, unrefined racket made by her two very untrained bandmates made it exhilarating. It was mysterious, dangerous, dirty, and it was the first show that felt like a community. It was my first warehouse show.

Read More

July 28th 2012
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We’re putting on a HUGE show with our pals at Popfrenzy!

Check out the bands here with our exclusive playlist, and get excited. We are! 

For more info, check the Facebook event.

June 11th 2012
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Ruined Fortune RIP Society
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Fist pump yr way through the long weekend with the first track from Ruined Fortune - a new solo project for Angie of Circle Pit/Convent/Straight Arrows. This will be on her upcoming 7” thru RIP Society.

June 2nd 2012
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Useless Children are streaming their new record in full via Bandcamp. It’s their best release yet - relentlessly loud yet very enjoyable. Dig in.

March 3rd 2012
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Sunset People
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Final lineups for Sunset People this month. And of course, tomorrow we’re having the amazing Melodie Nelson, Jordan Ireland (formerly of The Middle East) and Joseph Liddy. Should be very special. Event here.

February 25th 2012
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Sunset People
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I’m very pleased to be presenting these shows with Popfrenzy - to be able to have some of my fave bands a small venue on a Sunday arvo, and offer free entry, is really sweet.

Please come along to any/all of them! So far they’ve been a riot.

And feel free to spread the word on these. x

February 23rd 2012
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Radiant Live Mark McGuire Blank Realm Camperdown & Out Stitched Vision
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This Saturday!

Mark McGuire (USA/Emeralds)
Blank Realm
Camperdown & Out
Stitched Vision
+ DJs Angela Bermuda (Circle Pit/Straight Arrows) & Lucy Cliche (Naked on the Vague)

$12 on the door, at FBi Social.

More info here. See you there! 

February 1st 2012
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Matthew Niederhauser China Sound Kapital Interview
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Radiant on FBi: Matthew Niederhauser interview (30/1/2012)

 10 plays

Last night I had the pleasure of talking to Beijing-based photojournalist Matthew Niederhauser, who is talking at Sound Kapital this Friday at Carriageworks!

He’s been covering the Chinese indie scene for some time now, and had a lot of really fascinating things to say about it.

Check out the interview above, and don’t forget to enter on our Facebook page to win tickets to the Sound Kapital show (entries close today! Weds 1 Feb, 5pm).

January 30th 2012
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Sound Kapital Competitions China
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Over on our Facebook page.

It’s gonna be a great one.

January 29th 2012
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Next Radiant show. THIS IS A BIG ONE.

It’s happening this Saturday at the Sandringham in Newtown.

Four huge bands - Crow, The Holy Soul, The Broken Needles and Camperdown & Out - a brand new Sydney band ft. members of Royal Headache, Marf Loth, Dead Farmers and Raw Prawn.

Check out the Facebook event!

January 14th 2012
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Radiant Live FLRL Secret Birds Soft Circle
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Super excited for this one.

Many more shows in the works. More than ever before.

And more radio. And more internet. More everything. More more more.

Hope you’ll join us. x

November 26th 2011
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Here’s the next Radiant Live! Really excited for this one.

Go Genre Everything have also been added, they’ll open the bill.

See you there? x